Intro - WTH is Mad Milfy?

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Hi Guys! Welcome to! I’m so nervous but ecstatic that you decided to be here, so THANK YOU! 

My name is Brianne (I prefer Bam), I’m a “twenty-somethin”single mama of a 3-yo baby girl currently residing in Baltimore, MD. I created this space to share my navigation of motherhood, womanhood and everything in between. But let me back up a little. Two years ago, I was in an emotionally abusive relationship trying my hardest to figure out who I was, and how I got there. I was questioning my ability to maintain motherhood, my household and my relationship. I was drowning in the depths of my mental state, and suffering from depression and anxiety. I could hardly look at my new-mom-bod in the mirror, I hid from everyone- my friends, nor my family could hardly get in contact with me. My physical and mental insecurities swallowed me up completely. Keep in mind, I’ve always been a social type of person, but within that relationship, although we were living in the same apartment, I was silenced, I felt alone, neglected, and completely lost myself. I recently read an essay that referenced being lost as a black girl and it said:

Black girls go missing all the time. And missing doesn’t always mean disappeared, never to be seen again. It can also signal the loss of one’s self
— Mahogany Browne

That was me! At some point I had to take accountability for my current state, which led me to seek therapy to start chipping away at my depression . This was my first introduction to “ self-love and self-care”. I had always heard those terms as “buzz words”, but through my “operation: “back to self”, I quickly learned to valued those terms. Through therapy I learned the importance of self-expression and it being a major key for self-healing. Self-expression became my number one priority! I felt in my heart that it was no way I was the only mother experiencing loneliness; not just in intimate relationships, but platonic as well. I believe millennial motherhood is easily misunderstood. You lose “friends” just because you’ve transition into this new phase in life. I quickly learned that there was a gap that I needed to fill- building a community of women that either (1) understand one another because of similar experiences or (2) ones that were open to learning and were willing to understand. So, in September 2017 I launched “Bae Mama Podcast” which was a platform for millennial mothers of color to share their unfiltered stories of motherhood in a safe space. It quickly grew to be my second baby with over 20,000+ streams by the end of its second year. The show built the community I visualized and allowed me to meet a number of boss ass women of color that were mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, artists, YOU NAME IT! 

Photo by  C Sees Photos

Photo by C Sees Photos

Toward the end of 2018, I felt that there was so much more that I wanted to give to this community of black women that were following the podcast. I visualized more for the “Bae Mama” brand and though it was near and dear to my heart, I felt that in some ways I was shedding a skin and coming into something new. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was at the time, so I was patient and prayed on it. God soon revealed to me that it was time to lay “Bae Mama Podcast” to a rest but not entirely! It was time for a rebirth as MAD MILFY, which is a more polished version which the same missions, to hold a safe space for millennial black motherhood, but this time to be more inclusive to women in general navigating motherhood and womanhood. If you’re anything like me- you may have become a mother before having the ability to explore womanhood- so welcome, as we figure this thing out together! 

Here at the Mad Milfy space, we celebrate things that are typically shamed in society like stretch marks, fupas & mom-boobs! We hold real conversations about real-life topics & current events! There will be food & wine recommendations because, who doesn’t love to eat and sip? In this space I’ll be sharing my love for all things related to fashion, food, the arts, music, and beauty along with my lifestyle as a mom, creative, and entrepreneur. Trust me, there’s something here that you’ll feel connected to! Think of me as the home-girl you’ve never had. My hope is that in navigating this space, i’ll continue to build a community of women and mothers to stay encouraged because life is hard but there’s beauty in the struggle! 

Be sure to tune into the other half of #MadMilfy- the podcast, to hear real stories from other mamas and women alike! Make sure to subscribe to the #MadMilfyPodcast! It’s available on iTunes, Soundcloud & Google Play every Monday! I hope you learned more about me and my love for Mad Milfy! Be sure to share with your friends & Milfs <3 I look forward to growing and expanding with you! Cheers to 2019!
Again, welcome to!